Posted | June 18, 2014

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Posted | July 18, 2014
Celebrities In Stockings: Bettie Page in stockings in this balck and white film clip. Three sexy stocking clad babes kidnap this stocking wearing celebrity



Posted | June 22, 2014
Celebrities In Stockings: Christina Aguilera in stockings and boots at Pussycat Dolls singing Fever. Celebrity Christina Aguilera has a great pair of legs and looks hot in this celebrity stockings video



Posted | June 16, 2014
Loads of classic movie stocking clips here



Posted | June 08, 2014
In this stocking clip, Jodie Foster is putting on black stockings, while her captor just watches her legs. I'm not supprised he watches her legs, because Jodie Forster looks fantastic in stockings.



Posted | June 07, 2014
lorraine kelly in stockings in this movie clip taken from ITV's GMTV. Usually Loraine kelly has bare legs. But today Loraine Kelly is in stockings and what a great treat it is for us celebrity stocking lovers



Posted | June 05, 2014
carol vorderman in stockings? Or is Carol Vorderman wearing black pantyhose in this movie clip. It is hard to tell. But I am hopeing and thinking it is stockings.



Posted | June 04, 2014
Well this isnt a video of Paris Hilton in stockings, it is more of a slide show. Paris Hilton is in the back of her limo and she is posing with her sister. But Paris Hilton is wearing black stockings and she has great legs



Posted | June 03, 2014
Cyd Charisse has the greatest legs, and arches in Hollywood history. In this stockings scene which is one of the sexist stockings scenes ever in the history off Hollywood we get to see Cyd Charisse putting on stockings and frilly panties.



Posted | June 02, 2014
This advert staring the very sexy Kylie Minogue was banned from T.V for being to erotic. Kylie Minogue has to be one of the sexiest star to come out of Australia for many years. But now at 40 she is still stunning. In this sexy stocking advert, she shows what a fantastic body she has. More Please Kylie!



Posted | June 01, 2014
In this movie clip, Sophia Loren strips down in the doctors surgery, she strips down to this black corset and black stockings and panties. Apart from that all she has on is her hat. Sophia Loren sums up for me what a celebrity should look like and how they should behave. She is possibly the sexiest woman of a generation and she looks fabulous in stockings.



Posted | February 15, 2014
celebrities in stockings: Celebrity Marylin Monroe in stockings, asking if her seams are straight in the old black and white movie. Talking about Marilyn Monroe, have you seen the new marilyn monroe sex tape? I have and it sure looks as if it is a real marilyn sex tape. What's more I do hope it is President Kenedy who is having his cock sucked. I found this great celebrity blog that has movie clips and interviews with the people surrounding this controversial movie. Visit marilyn monroe sextape here and decide for yourself.



Posted | January 28, 2014
Celebrities In Stockings: Celebrity Liv Tyler in stockings in this short stockings clip. Celebrity Liv Taylor should always wear stockings and she looks great in them!.



Posted | November 26, 2008
Celebrities in stockings: Celebrity Paget Brewter in stockings. Well she looks fucking hot. I would fuck Paget Brewter in stockings or out of stockings but in stockings would be a must. I love this little clip of Paget in stockings and love it when she sprays her panties with perfume.

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